ABH - Banking Applications on Host

RNI (National Interbank Network) Gateway to domestic payments systems

The ABH Service allows the Customer (PSP), already subscribed to the National Interbank Network (RNI) on the basis of a special and separate contract, to:

  • use services supplied in the RNI environment by management of messaging envisaged in the individual procedures;
  • use interbank application procedures centralised at SIA.

For example, without being exhaustive, the Service is supplied with the following features:

  • remote access, by 3270 terminal emulation, to the application software needed to generate, control, send and receive the messages envisaged by RNI interbank standards;
  • management, by SIA, of the system for interconnection with the National Interbank Network, in accordance with the related reference regulations;
  • supply and maintenance of application software useful for sending and receiving National Interbank Network messages set up from Customer Systems (PS);
  • supply of a function that allows the Customer to monitor the flows sent;
  • where required by the individual applications/procedures, supply and maintenance of the application software useful for managing the procedures;
  • telephone support for transmission of messages and, more generally, for technical-organisational and management issues linked to the service;
  • assistance when starting the service.

The main applications currently available for the ABH service are those listed below (the Customer notifies SIA of the configuration it intends to use for the service).

  • Service Basic Modules (Generalised Functions, Flows Register, Operations History)
  • Payments Area – SIA Application Centre (Trade Collections, Cheques, National Clearing, Interbank Charges, Free Messages, System Free Messages, Traffic Reporting, SEPA Gateway, Automatic Code Request)
  • Centralised Databases Area – SIA Application Centre (Central Interbank Warning System, Procedural Registers)
  • Securities Area – Monte Titoli Application Centre – CCG (Securities Management)
  • Supervision Alerts Area – Banca d’Italia Application Centre (Risk and Supervision Unit, Anti-money Laundering Alerts, Deposits Protection Interbank Fund Statutory Alerts, National Consortium of Agencies Procedure)