Nexi Payments CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is composed of a team of digital security experts, that coordinates all the activities in response to a computer emergency.

Nexi Payments CERT’s Computer Emergency Response Team for the company and its subsidiaries. The mission is to co-ordinate all activities aimed at the prevention, detection and response to cyber security incidents within its constituency.

The constituency of Nexi Payments CERT is the company, its foreign and domestic subsidiaries, its business division and its services provided to the customers.

CONTACTS: cert@nexigroup.com

PGP DIRECTORIES: https://keyserver.pgp.com


RFC 2350 ProfileDownload (PDF 116.78 KB)
FABC 0E0C 64CE 7EA1 D31A BA9A E944 BA7E C461 CD61Download (ASC 2.43 KB)

Incident Report Form

Information Sharing Traffic Light Protocol

Nexi Payments CERT recognises and supports the ISTLP (Information Sharing Traffic Light Protocol), following ENISA best practice. The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) is used to exchange confidential information and ensures controlled disclosure. This simple and intuitive method is based on the use of four colours (Red, Amber, Green, and White) to classify information according to how sensitive it is and address the recipient on how to process it.

  • Red information can only be used by the recipient and cannot be shared with third parties. Highest confidentiality required.
  • Amber information can be shared by the recipient with others within their organisation, but only on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.
  • Green information can be used by the recipient and shared with other organizations, but not via publicly accessible channels.
  • White information can be shared freely by the recipient in compliance with standard copyright rules