Bank Cheques and Bankers’ Drafts Suite

Allows operation to be brought into line with Check Image, minimising IT and organisational impact for Banks, Direct and/or Intermediaries.

A complete Modular Solution, unique on the market, for managing the entire chain of the lifecycle of cheques, whether belonging to you or third parties. Integration with Counter procedure for acquiring data and images of cheques and their digital signature. Image Diagnostics. Management of Cheque Books for new cheque layout with Data Matrix.

Bankers’ Drafts and Money Orders Ledger. Reception and diagnosis of Cheques presented upon collection by counterparties, with specific workflow for below and above threshold. Data Matrix online and batch verification. Management of reversals, outstanding cheques unpaid and protested. Fully automated management of CAI (Central Interbank Warning System) Alerts. Preparation of flows/messages in standard Check Image Truncation format and reception of them from RNI (National Interbank Network). Duality management for start at roll-out.

A single Database that records all events in the life of a Cheque. Integration with Current Account and General Accounting procedures. Reporting and regulatory compliance. Management of Recalls and Security. WEB Front End fully profiled for branch, back office functions and for management of the results for messages/flows sent in RNI. Management of internal cheques and short-circuit for Banking Groups.

  • experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject
  • minimised impact on Bank Information System
  • efficiency
  • saves cost of paper management
  • market solution with regulatory compliance guarantee
  • maximum flexibility in the choice of Modules