Zero impact solution for Companies, PAs and Banks.

SIA's "zero impact" solution adapts completely to the needs of businesses, supporting the entire invoicing process (issuing, sending, presentation, storage). The ability to process the standard CBI formats means that information flows with the banking system can be automated, in addition to those between customers and suppliers.
The solution uses advanced technologies for document management, data translation, work-flow and applications integration, covering four key macro-processes.
Presentation and electronic transportation of invoices
Creation of invoices in electronic format, sending/receiving invoices ensuring, at the same time, their transformation into various formats (EDI, CBI, XML, PDF, proprietary, ...), management of various transmission channels (publication on web portal, e-mail, postage, CBI channel).
Management of exceptions
Correction of errors/omissions that might block the settlement of invoices and support functions for the management of debit/credit notes.
Payments calendar and reconciliation
Reporting on the status of invoices, integration with the management of collections and payments, resolution of reconciliation problems.
Alternative storage
Filing and storage in accordance with legal requirements, guaranteeing access, queries, display and reproduction of the invoices over time, in accordance with the regulations, via the electronic signature and time stamping functions.

Following the complete digitisation of documents, the alternative storage service can be used for any type of business document and is designed for use either on a stand-alone basis or as an integral part of business systems.

  • operational certainty - rapid and secure transportation channels
  • organisational advantages - on-line sharing and access to invoices and outsourcing of non-strategic processes
  • tax advantages - simplification of relations with the tax authorities
  • advantages for relations with third parties Integration with customers, suppliers and banks
  • economic advantages - major reduction in the total cost of processing a paper invoice 
  • financial advantages - automation of payments and optimisation of treasury activities
  • logistic advantages - elimination of the cost of physical filing for tax purposes.