Owned at 100% by SIA, Emmecom is a company specializing in fixed, mobile and satellite telecommunications networks. Founded in 2000 and with a turnover of over €10 million in 2012, Emmecom integrates high quality services from the main telecom providers to develop solutions for selected groups of clients.

SIA EasyShop

Useful innovation for retailers.

Transaction Collection Service

Outsourcing for the management of POS traffic.

Physical security systems

Advanced security systems for bank branches.

Registered Office: Corso Casale 20, 10131, Turin (Italy)
Operational Headquarter: Via Gonin 36, 20147, Milan (Italy)
VAT no. / tax no. /Turin Companies’ Register no. 02109680344
Turin Economic and Administrative Register (REA) no. 1034397

Phone: +39 848.782.444
​Email: info@emmecom.it