A single interface to make your data speak.

EasyData permits the monitoring, reconciliation and analysis of all the vital business data generated by a company.
EasyData is organized into two modules:

  1. MonitorOne to monitor and reconcile financial flows.
  2. Business Intelligence enabling the aggregation and transformation of data into useful and easily accessible information to perform predictive and competitive analyses with related benchmarks.

EasyData can become an operational, control or business tool to suit the requirements and nature of the users (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, etc.). 


MonitorOne is a reporting monitor for multi-channel receipt and payment financial flows available in cloud mode.
In addition to simplifying the complexity of the monitoring and reconciliation of payment flows, MonitorOne enables abnormal processes to be highlighted, thanks to a parametrically configurable Alerting system capable of constant measurement and analysis of the services that are active.

The Business Intelligence module offers a wide range of integrated and flexible analytical functions, enabling users to perform - autonomously and in real time - statistical and predictive analysis, forecasting, data and text mining, to create value for the company’s business.
The Analytics component enables the user to obtain statistics based on the operations and behavior of customers and to compare them with market and budget data.