Smart Back Office

A middle-back office solution for managing listed derivative financial instruments (derivative contracts bought and sold on Stock Exchanges), integrated with the front office and the institution’s legacy components.

A solution supporting «operating risk» management following «exceptions» within the various operating steps of the supply-financial value chain of payments: from acquisition from the channels, to after interbank or correspondent banking settlement.

With a system of configurable rules and dedicated folders for each «file», the system simplifies, de-specialises and increases the efficiency of user operations through «structured» management of the information available (network messaging, attachments, documents, mail, manual notes, etc.).

The control dashboard provides a real time view of the “distribution” of the work over the various user units and monitoring of the “status” of request&response activities towards counterparties, using a model applicable to all types of payment (transfers, collections, documentary credits, letters of credit, etc..)


Costs of licences lower than the market target of competitor international platforms.