CLOUD4CARE The project devised by SIA - in collaboration with banks Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit – places at the disposal of the IRCCS Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri research institute an advanced technology infrastructure consisting of networks and data centers.
WHAT IS IT FOR? The project enables research, with greater speed and processing power, into ovarian cancer. 

Thanks to the infrastructure, it is possible to analyze simultaneously millions of results from dozens of patients affected by ovarian cancer, to carry out highly complex computer analysis to study molecular characteristics and to obtain initial results in just a few hours (whereas previously the same analysis would have taken around 50 days). 

In addition, the current computing capacity permits highly sophisticated data analysis, technically impossible with normal computational approaches.
HOW? CLOUD4CARE permits the bioinformatics team at IRCCS to use an IT and network architecture - normally used by the three partner companies for their normal activities – to analyze data on high capacity processing systems (over 1,000 processors, more than 7.9 Terabytes of disk space and around 2.5 Terabytes of memory).
WITH WHAT RESULTS? The results achieved by these studies have enabled an understanding of how the illness evolves and the planning of new therapeutic approaches, especially for those patients who develop resistance.
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WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS? The development of this IT resource has enabled the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute to enter the global context and to extend its collaboration with other Italian, Europe and US institutes to develop new methods of DNA sequencing data analysis. In particular, collaborations have been established with the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and with the bioinformatics group at Harvard School of Public Health in the United States. 
THE RESEARCH TEAM Maurizio D'Incalci
Head of the Oncology Department
Head of the Anti-tumor Pharmacology Lab
Luca Beltrame
Anti-tumor Pharmacology Lab
Translational Genomics Unit
Luca Clivio
Oncology Department
Head of the Life Sciences Informatics Lab
Sergio Marchini
Anti-tumor Pharmacology Lab
Head of the Translational Genomics Unit