Smart Mobility & City

SIA is continuously searching for solutions, technologies and partnerships that combined with his competencies in payments, can enable new business models and services to offer its customers new solutions and answer emerging market needs.

In terms of Smart Mobility & City, SIA is working with partners on the following topics:

  • Mobility-as-a-Service: rapid and integrated access to all mobility services of the city, for example, by using advanced and integrated ticketing systems and smart points of entry.

  • Connected City: a combination of technologies in order to connect people and objects in the areas of SIA competencies, such as the management of payments, to access the services of the Smart City (e.g., delivery drones, connected cars) and contributing to an ecosystem of integrated services.

  • Smart Access: management of access to restricted zones by using technologies that grant users safe identification and by combining them with SIA's payment management systems.