SIA EASYPAY for Corporates


EasyPay is the suite developed by SIA to manage digital payments, simple and immediate to use and at the same time secure, reliable and fast in execution, accessible in proximity mode and remotely. 

Payment Gateway 4K

The SIA Payment Gateway is the advanced platform for the processing of payment transactions from POS terminals, eCommerce, Call Centers and Mobile Apps.

SIA developed the Payment Gateway in a multi-service framework, the only one of its kind, able to handle all the needs of companies who have to manage digital payments:

  • Electronic Direct Debiting: to activate mandates on credit cards, current accounts and post office accounts.
  • Recurrent Payments: to manage regular billing services, through use of a PCI Alias which identifies the card data and makes the management of future payments more secure.
  • Multi-channel OneClick: to manage with a single click from any type of digital touchpoint.
  • ​Multi-currency Payments: to manage the payment in own currency or local currency.
  • Risk Detection: to activate customized protection measures in case of suspicious transactions.
  • Monitor One: to monitor the operation of the Payment Gateway and keep all channels on which transactions were made under control.
  • Multi Acquiring: for the full PCI DSS management of payments: Visa, V-Pay, MasterCard, MasterPass Maestro, Amex, Diners, JCB, Aura, MyBank, PayPal and Jiffy. Obviously for online payments the MasterCard SecureCode, Verified By Visa and American Express SafeKey functions are available.
  • Multi-acquirer fraud management: to manage by a single means the disputes sent by various acquirers. The SIA back office can also manage all the administrative activities required by the various circuits.
  • KYC online: to perform real-time checks on the data entered in the payment forum.
  • Multi-language IVR: to issue real-time authorizations of the data entered in the payment forum. 
Mobility Payments

APP&GO • Mobile Ticketing
This platform enables users to purchase and validate public transport tickets by smartphone: they just select the place of departure and ticket type and then pay via an App. The ticket is validated on board the means of public transport using NFC technology.
The Fastpay circuit permits users to pay 24/7 for mobility services such as highway tolls, car parking and at ticket offices, by card without the need to enter a code.
This service allows users to manage payments made with fuel cards issued by oil companies, on highly reliable POS terminals and IVR systems.
The system also handles the acceptance of Routex, UTA and DKV cards, routing authorization requests online to the related circuits.
SIA has developed an interoperable TSM (Trusted Service Manager) HUB to virtualize payment cards onto the SIM of mobile devices equipped with NFC technology and enable payment using CLess POS terminals.
The platform is open both to banks and telecom operators and enables the real-time onboarding of card data of any issuer’s cards onto the SIM of any telecom operator.
As an alternative to the SIM-based model, the HCE (Hosted Card Emulation) platform is also available to virtualize card data onto a cloud and enable NFC smartphones for CLess payments in total security.
The card data are processed at the SIA Data Center, which ensures the high security levels required by the international payment circuits.