SIA EASYPAY for Financial Institutions


SIA EASYPAYSIA has an extensive range of digital payment solutions from remote, in proximity and in mobility.

The scope of SIA EASYPAY suite is to make digital payments simple, ready-to-use solutions, and at the same time guarantee greater security, reliability and speed of execution of the payment.

For example, the SIA Wallet platform brings different payment services together in a single solution, making them available on different instruments (payment cards and bank accounts).

JIFFY - Cash in a flash
Jiffy is a person-to-person service which allows the user to transfer money via smartphone. The solution is based on a SEPA Credit Transfer: the debit and the credit occur in real time, directly on a current account, on a payment account or on a card equipped with an IBAN number.

e/m-commerce: @POS
@POS is the solution that enables payments to be managed on Internet and via smartphone, according to the standards set out by the international payment networks. The solution consists of a virtual POS available 24/7. @POS can be customized according to the type of use and according to the requirements of the merchant.

e/m-commerce: MyBank
MyBank is the suite of SIA solutions that enables banks and virtual merchants to subscribe, in a simple, secure manner, to the MyBank project of PRETA - EBA Clearing, enabling payments on Internet using the current account easily and in total security. 

e/m payments: fastBank
FastBank is the e/m payments multi-channel solution. The service provides banks and subscribing companies with an interface that meets the latest interoperability standards, able to offer payment services such as mobile phone top-ups and the payment of utility and other bills, TV license fees and car tax, taxes and public transport passes or top-ups of private label cards.


TSM Hub: High performance payments
TSM Hub is the solution that enables holders of payment cards (credit, debit, prepaid) to pay using their NFC-enabled smartphone at a contactless POS. The platform is open to both banks and mobile operators; it permits the real time customization of the card data of any issuer on the SIM card of any operator connected to the Hub. The advantages of this open, interoperable solution are within the reach of users, issuers and mobile operators.

HCE - Host Card Emulation
HCE is as a service the solution which enables proximity mobile payments through the virtualization of the card onto a secure element in the cloud and the provisioning of single-use tokens on a mobile phone.

  • Mobile Ticketing: APP&GO 
    APP&GO is a mobile ticketing platform that enables users to purchase and activate travel tickets via smartphone in contactless mode. Using an App downloaded onto their mobile phone, they can buy public transport tickets, selecting the place where they are and identifying the type of ticket they intend to purchase. The validation of the ticket and season ticket is based on NFC technology.
  • Loyalty
    Loyalty/couponing is a solution that supports “Merchant funded” loyalty and couponing programs. The platform manages the entire lifecycle of the coupon, from issuing to distribution, from redemption to settlement with the merchant.