11 02/2015

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Italian State Police and SIA renew agreement on cybercrime prevention

Italian State Police and SIA renew agreement on cybercrime preventionDownload (PDF 125.62 KB)

Rome, 11th February 2015 – The agreement between the Italian State Police and SIA for the prevention of computer crimes concerning the critical infrastructures of SIA has been renewed in Rome.
The agreement, signed by the Chief of Police Alessandro Pansa and Chief Executive Officer of SIA Massimo Arrighetti, has the aim of sharing procedures for intervention and exchange of information vital for the prevention and countering of cyber attacks by terrorists and criminals.
For the State Police, this activity will be performed by the National Computer Crime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (C.N.A.I.P.I.C.), run by the Postal and Communications Police.
The agreement was entered into for the first time on 28th February 2011 to implement the Ministry of the Interior Decree of 9th January 2008, which identified the critical IT infrastructures of national interest, namely the information technology or electronic systems and services, managed by public bodies or private companies, which govern the sectors crucial for the country.
The positive results achieved underline the importance of continuing the synergic cooperation between the Postal and Communications Police and SIA, aimed at the prevention and repression of cybercrime and inspired by the principle of participative security.
Present at the signing of the agreement were, for the Department of Public Security, in addition to the Chief of Police Prefect Alessandro Pansa, Roberto Sgalla, Director-General for the Traffic, Railway and Communications Police, and for the State Police Special Forces and Antonio Apruzzese, Director of the Postal and Communications Police. Representing SIA were Chief Executive Officer Massimo Arrighetti, Director of Risk Governance Raffaele Pace and Security Manager David Neumarker.