13 12/2021 11:10

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S-Kreditpartner chooses SIA to launch new payment card in Germany

S-Kreditpartner chooses SIA to launch new payment card in GermanyDownload (PDF 103.03 KB)
SIA's technology infrastructure will process the transactions made using
the innovative FlexiGeld card issued by the leading consumer finance company
for German savings banks
Berlin and Milan, 13 December 2021 – S-Kreditpartner, a member of the savings banks finance group and one of the leading consumer finance companies in Germany, has chosen SIA, a leading European hi-tech company in payment services and infrastructures, controlled by CDP Equity, to support the launch of its new FlexiGeld card and to contribute to the digitalization of the cardholder’s experience.
With this agreement, transactions made with the innovative FlexiGeld revolving credit card issued by S-Kreditpartner for the German savings banks, will be processed by SIA’s technology platform. That also includes advanced services for fraud management and prevention as well as dispute and chargeback management.
FlexiGeld will be launched at the beginning of 2023, in cooperation with German savings banks. With this product, S-Kreditpartner offers customers maximum flexibility. Not only does it work as a payment card, it also provides an additional credit line that the customers can use as a loan repayable in installments with the option of choosing the repayment plan. Customers decide for themselves whether they want to repay in fixed installments or with the amounts and frequency they select.
Thanks to a customized mobile app and a digital portal for cardholders developed by SIA, FlexiGeld users can easily manage their payment card settings and constantly monitor transactions from their smartphone: S-Kreditpartner will thus be able to offer its customers a seamless payments experience, while ensuring the highest levels of security.
Furthermore, S-Kreditpartner can use additional valuable services made available by SIA, such as the digital storage of customer documents and the Business Intelligence & Datawarehouse solution, which supports the development of business initiatives through predictive analysis of data and information.
“As credit specialist for the German savings banks and due to the fact that many customers use credit cards from competitors, the FlexiGeld card will contribute to retaining customers in the savings banks' ecosystem and to serving their needs comprehensively. It offers our partner banks valuable opportunities for sales outreach and relationship development,” stated Jan Welsch, Managing Director at S-Kreditpartner. “We are looking forward to working with SIA, one of the most experienced and largest payment service providers in Europe. This will guarantee security and convenience for our customers."
“The decision of S-Kreditpartner to select our digital platform for the launch of its new payment card makes us incredibly proud. It is further testament to SIA’s position as a reliable and innovative partner at international level in the development of digital payments," said Cristina Astore, Northwest Europe and DACH Region Sales Director of SIA. “We are confident that our consolidated experience in the German payment industry and our ongoing commitment to supporting the digital evolution of financial institutions will enable S-Kreditpartner to further expand its card portfolio, strengthening its leadership in the installment credit business”.