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SIA: at Christmas +33.7% payments with cards, +32% in traditional stores, +43% online

In the week from 18th to 24th December, 123 million transactions using debit, credit and prepaid cards of which 101.5 million
were physical payments and 21.5 million were made for purchases on e-commerce sites

366 million card payments from the start of December: +28.3% on traditional channels
and +45.5% in e-commerce compared to the same period in 2018

Milan, 27th December 2019 – There were 123 million payments using debit, credit and prepaid cards processed by SIA in Italy, during the week up to Christmas (from Wednesday 18th to Tuesday 24th December 2019), compared to the 92 million in the same period last year (+33.7%).

Of these, 101.5 million related to payments in traditional stores, representing almost 82.5% of the total, up 31.8% over 2018. Payment transactions for online purchases numbered 21.5 million, equal to 17.5% of the total, with a 43.3% increase compared to the same period in 2018.

In the period from 1st to 24th December 2019, SIA processed overall 366 million transactions with cards, up 31.7% compared to the 278 million in the same period of last year.

In particular, around 78% of the total of payments with card related to traditional stores with a total of 286 million transactions (+28.3% over the same period of 2018). The increase in payments on e-commerce sites was even more significant (+45.5%).

It should be noted that the peak in card payments was recorded on Monday 23rd December with almost 21 million transactions, of which 18 million were made in physical stores and around 3 million online.

SIA, controlled by CDP Equity with an 83.09% stake, processes around half the payments made using debit, credit and prepaid cards in Italy.

million transactions Physical payments E-commerceTOTALE-commerce vs Total
CHRISTMAS WEEK 2019101.521.512317.5%
CHRISTMAS WEEK 201877159216.3%
million transactions Physical payments E-commerceTOTAL E-commerce vs Total
MONTH 20192868036621.9%
MONTH 20182235527819.8%

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