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SIA Sustainability Report 2015

SIA Sustainability Report 2015 Download (PDF 181.5 KB)

Milan, 8 July 2016 – SIA has published its first Sustainability Report referring to the 2015 financial year giving figures and information on the activities of companies in the Group designed to pursue sustainable development from an economic, social and environmental viewpoint, and on the value created for the benefit of all the stakeholders.
Last year, SIA and its subsidiaries in Italy and abroad (at 31 December 2015 Emmecom, Perago, Pi4Pay, SIA Central Europe and TSP) generated an added value of €270.6 million (+0.6% on 2014), of which around 50% was distributed to the staff, equivalent to €133.4 million (+1.66% on 2014), 18% was paid out to the shareholders and 16% went to the public administration.
Part of the wealth set aside for the 1,612 employees of the Group went into an innovative, wide-ranging welfare system in which the company has invested €8.5 million, equivalent to approximately €5,800 per staff member. The services included range from the campus for employees’ kids during the school vacations to medical prevention checkups directly at the workplace, from time-saving services like pharmacy, laundry, shoe repair and mail package receipt to benefits related to pensions and private healthcare, in addition to scholarships for staff and their children.
Employees of the parent company can also take advantage of the most advanced forms of smart working, such as flexible hours, full, partial and occasional telework (so-called “agile working”). In 2015, 34% of the company population used one of these methods, while 26% benefited from occasional telework, adding up to a total of approximately 1,300 working days.
Over the course of 2015, 123 new hires were made (equivalent to almost 8% of the total number of employees), two thirds of them being graduates, this figure also the result of employer branding initiatives in collaboration with the university world.
SIA Group designs, creates and manages technology infrastructures and services in the areas of payments, electronic money, network services and capital markets. In 2015, it served 4,464 direct clients (+20.6% on 2014) in over 40 countries, including financial institutions, central banks, supervisory authorities, businesses and public administration bodies. The services offered by the Group contribute to improving the administrative activities of countless firms, from the corporation to the family-run store, the operations of public administration bodies and people’s daily lives, thanks to the efficiency, simplicity and security of the payment transactions managed.
SIA’s strengths are especially the quality and continuity of the services it provides: in 2015 the service availability levels were 99.976% for Retail Services, 99.999% for Institutional Services, and reached 100% for Network Services.
As far as relations with its suppliers are concerned, SIA complies with the Italian Responsible Payment Code (CPR), undertaking to respect the timescales and payment methods agreed on, with a focus on efficiency and transparency: last year 70% of agreements with suppliers provided for payment with 60 days, and 30% within 30 days.
Although it operates in an industry characterized by low environmental impact, namely services, SIA Group also pays close attention to these issues. The two-year period 2014-2015 saw the replacement of 83 vehicles in the company fleet (44% of the total) with more eco-friendly models, with a consequent 10% reduction in average annual CO2 emissions.
The Sustainability Report was drawn up according to the “G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines” guidelines published in 2013 by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in compliance with the “Core” application level. 

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