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SIA Sustainable Value Report 2016

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Milan, 19 July 2017 – SIA has published its second Sustainable Value Report referring to the 2016 (click here to read it) financial year and illustrating with facts and figures everything the Group has done to achieve the sustainable growth of its business and to create value, also from a social and environmental viewpoint, to the benefit of all the stakeholders – from customers to staff, from shareholders to suppliers, and from the wider community to the environment.
Last year SIA and its subsidiaries in Italy and abroad (at 31 December 2016: Emmecom, LM -Enterprise, Perago, Pi4Pay, SIA Central Europe, TSP and Ubiq) generated added value of €274.2 million (+1.3% on 2015) of which nearly 50% was distributed to the staff, equal to €136.4 million (+2.3% on 2015), 16% went to pay the shareholders and 17% was earmarked for the Public Administration.
Employees: welfare, smart working and hiring
Part of the wealth set aside for the 1,670 employees of the Group was placed in a broad-ranging, innovative welfare system in which the company has invested €8.7 million (+2.3% on 2015), equivalent to around €5,800 per staff member. The services included range from a vacation campus for employees’ children when schools are closed to medical check-ups for disease prevention directly at the workplace, and from timesaving services like pharmacy, laundry, shoe repairs and package delivery to benefits related to supplementary pension and health and insurance cover, as well as study scholarships for staff and their kids.
What’s more, SIA employees can adopt the most advanced forms of smart working, like flexible work and permanent, partial and occasional remote working (so-called “agile work”). Over the years, remote working has been growing steadily, continuing the trend already seen in 2014 and 2015. In 2016 over 40% of the company population used at least one of these methods (+22% on 2015) and took advantage of over 2,100 days of occasional remote work, with an increase of more than 61% on the previous year.
Over the course of 2016, 107 new staff were hired, 68% of whom were graduates, also thanks to employer branding initiatives in collaboration with the university world. In addition, at the end of the internship, 72% of the young participants were hired.
Customers: countries served, projects and quality of services
SIA Group designs, creates and manages technology infrastructures and services in the areas of payments, e-money, network services and capital markets. In 2016, it served 2,801 direct customers in 46 countries, including financial institutions, central banks, businesses and public administration bodies. The services offered by the Group contribute to improving the administrative activities of countless companies, from corporations to small stores, the operations of the public sector and the daily lives of ordinary people, thanks to the efficiency, simplicity and security of the payment transactions it processes.
Well aware of the strategic importance of ensuring the continuity of the services offered to customers also in crisis and emergency situations, SIA has focused increasing attention on the search for state-of-the-art solutions through investments in innovative infrastructures and projects. One of these projects called “Active-Active” led to the creation of a new high-speed network architecture, based on a LAN spread over data centers geographically separated by tens of kilometers, capable of managing simultaneously and in real time an array of applications and services with exceptional performances and extremely high volumes, while keeping all the information aligned.
The quality and continuity of the services supplied were fully confirmed - in 2016 service availability levels reached 99.961% for Retail Services, 99.996% for Institutional Services and achieved 100% for Network Services.
The value for suppliers
As far as relations with suppliers are concerned, since 2015 SIA has subscribed to the Italian Responsible Payment Code (Codice italiano Pagamenti Responsabili – CPR) pledging to respect the agreed times – not exceeding 60 days – and methods of payments, with a view to improving efficiency and transparency. As of September 2016, following the amendments introduced in the corporate accounting system, this commitment has been respected for all suppliers.
The value for the environment
SIA Group also places the utmost attention on environmental issues, which do not represent a critical area in a sector like services.
With the aim of minimizing the impacts of its activities on the environment, SIA uses electric power from renewable sources originating from wind farms and geothermal sources to supply the headquarters and most of its data centers.
The Sustainable Value Report was drawn up in compliance with the “G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines” published in 2013 by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), with a “Core” application level.
The reference perimeter concerns all the companies in the SIA Group with the exception of the companies P4Cards and PforCards which, as they were acquired on 31 December 2016, have had no impact on the trend of the financial year with regard to the Sustainable Value Report.
The SIA Group report is available in our website's Sustainability area

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