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SIA: the CEO steps down as part of the agreements provided for in the merger with Nexi

SIA: the CEO steps down as part of the agreements provided for in the merger with Nexi Download (PDF 84.51 KB)

Milan, 5th March 2021 - During the meeting of SIA’s Board of Directors, convened under the chairmanship of Federico Lovadina, Nicola Cordone announced his decision to step down from his position as CEO and General Manager of SIA to join the CDP Equity team in the role of Senior Advisor on digitalization projects and the EDP sector, effective 8th March 2021.
Nicola Cordone's decision falls under the governance agreements provided for by the merger by incorporation of SIA into Nexi, within the scope of which the Chairman Federico Lovadina and the company's management will ensure strategic continuity, as well as the continuation of activities aimed at completing the operation to create a leading company in the payments sector at a pan-European level, to the benefit of its customers, employees, shareholders and all the company's stakeholders.
The Chairman and the entire Board of Directors of SIA thank Mr. Cordone for his commitment during these two years and for the excellent results he achieved at the helm of the company, especially in the year 2020 which was heavily impacted by the Covid-19 health emergency.
During the meeting the Board of Directors co-opted Paolo Calcagnini (currently Deputy General Manager and Chief Business Officer of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti) as a new board member.
In addition, it appointed Fabio Balbinot (CFO of SIA) as interim General Manager until the completion of the merger of SIA into Nexi.

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