Collections and payments for Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions

EASYBOX is the complete, modular suite, highly configurable and customisable according to the institution’s requirements.

Easybox Payment Accounts is the complete, secure and modular platform entirely dedicated to new players on the payment systems market, allowing them to offer their customers complete, innovative services. The platform allows the use of all main payment systems:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • SEPA transfers
  • SEPA and domestic collections (payment against notice slip and special paying in slip issued by government collection agencies)
  • F24 which it allows management of in compliance with the regulations in force.

For managing payments accounts supporting transactions by the institution’s customers. The platform manages integration with the Agent Bank and guarantees the infrastructure necessary to access the domestic and European interbank networks.

The home banking function is available, allowing customers secure access (in accordance with the most recent European standards) to their position and to instruction operations.
The institution’s operators access the system through a dedicated user portal that makes available functions for checking and managing any type of payment transaction. Alongside these are balancing and reconciliation tools that facilitate system management and financial flow control.

SIA’s expertise in the payments sector guarantees the system’s continual evolution in terms of regulatory compliance. You can be sure that it will be promptly adapted to comply with all legal standards and directives of Italian and European financial institutions.

The solution’s architecture is modular and so allows the offer to be customised to suit customer needs without any particular effort.

The EasyBox service is supplied with full-outsourcing on SIA systems, in line with the interbank regulations on security and in accordance with the most advanced requirements in terms of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Integration with the Easybox Compliance service guarantees compliance with all alerts and supervision obligations.

  • experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject
  • prestigious references
  • extremely flexible modular solution
  • maximum adaptability to different configurations 
  • market solution with regulatory compliance guarantee.