Modular suite for managing PA collection processes in accordance with the regulations issued by AgID

The SIA solution mitigates the technical-functional and administrative impact of joining the SPC Payments Node: there is "zero impact" on the PA's IT system and the service is guaranteed to be consistent with existing practices.

The service has four modules:

  1. Collections Module
  2. SPC Connector
  3. Creditor Portal
  4. Debtor Portal

The acquisition of debtor positions involves collecting all the information transmitted by the PAs, representing an initial module in the advanced collection process. This phase does not conflict with the normal operations of the PAs, as it is consistent with routine administrative activity: flows exported from the PA systems are sent to the provider of the collections service. 

For conformity with AgID standards, the coding of a debtor position must indicate the Unique Payment Code (IUV). The SIA service manages and calculates the IUV codes, solving the difficulty of identifying a technical and functional solution that satisfies this regulatory requirement. The information collected is recorded in a database for management and retention over time.
The collection phase involves notifying all the payments made via the SPC Payments Node. One component of the solution, “SPC Node Connector”, ensures interaction with the SPC Payments Node infrastructure in accordance with the standards established by AgID.

The creditor portal is visible to the PA, allowing it to interact with the service.

The debtor portal is the Payments Portal that the PA makes available to its users, enabling them to make payments using forms 1 and 2 defined by AgID in “Payments to PAs”.