Giving everyone freedom to use their money easily, safely, anytime and anywhere – this is why SIA has been pursuing innovation for 40 years. 
The people at SIA Group work side by side with customers to enhance their services with unique proposals that improve the daily experience of end users, creating a real, tangible advantage for the entire community.



The RNI and the payments systems
  • Development of the National Interbank Network (RNI) that connects all Financial Institutions
  • Automation of the interbank payment system
  • Creation of the first Bancomat (ATM) circuit.
Automation of financial markets

Technological innovation hits the financial markets: SIA is a player in the automation of the Borsa Italiana markets and in launching Italian wholesale markets: MID and MTS.
The first projects involving payment cards are launched: Bancomat and PagoBancomat, FASTpay, e-Wallet and Microcircuito project to shift from magnetic stripe cards to microchip cards.

First steps in Europe

Technological excellence is acknowledged at European level. The company aims at being a competitor on the international market. Innovative services are developed in connection with the Euro and Europe:

  • services membership with international EMV circuits and standards
  • EBA STEP2 platform for retail payments in Euro
  • Monte Titoli post trading
  • surveillance
  • processing solutions for issuing and acquiring.
International expertise
  • Network Service Provider for access to T2S
  • SIAnet Financial Ring for access to Trading Venues
  • Collateral management for Central Banks and CSDs
  • 4CBNet
  • Outsourcing for IPs and ELMIs
  • Development of Jiffy service, for transfers of cash P2P.
New services and international success
  • Instant Payments
  • Loyalty & couponing
  • Enabling of POS terminals to accept payments with Jiffy, Applepay, Samsungpay, Alipay and Wechat
  • New Zealand’s Central Bank payment infrastructure
  • Data center with "Active/Active" architecture
  • SIAchain: private blockchain for financial institutions, corporates & public sector
  • Access to ESMIG
  • Target Instant Payments Settlement certification
  • EMV ticketing
A look to the future
  • IoT / Machine learning
  • Big data
  • Robo-advisory
  • Advanced payment hub & e-commerce
  • SoftPOS/SmartPOS for payment acceptance
  • Digital Onboarding
  • RTGS system in Canada and Instant Payment system in Iceland
  • Digital platform based on Blockchain technology
  • PagoPA Cashback project