Marco Rossi

Internal Audit Director

Marco Rossi was born in Novi Ligure, near Alessandria, on 30th September 1960.
After graduating in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan, he began his professional career in 1985 in the Van den Bergh Division of Unilever, initially as a management control officer and subsequently as Head of Management Accounting for Distributive Trade and reporting to the parent company.
In 1988, he joined SIA where he set up a new general and analytical accounting system, and in 1990 he became Director of Administration, Finance and Control.
He moved to INVESTNET Holding NV in 2000 with the position of Chief Financial Officer for the group and Managing Director of Investnet Germany.
In 2002, he joined Kedrios (SIA Group) where he took on the role of Director of Administration, Finance, Control and Human Resources.
In May 2006, he was appointed Finance & Administration Director of SIA.
As of May 2018, Rossi is Internal Auditing Director of SIA.