20 06/2019


SIA studies blockchain applications for the financial sector with CDP and IBM

The three companies have started a project to create a “white book” on the opportunities
and impacts of this new technology on the finance, credit and payments sectors in Italy.

Thanks to its innovative potential, blockchain technology is destined to transform the financial sector. SIA, as a hi-tech company specializing in infrastructures and innovative payment services, takes part in a project led by CDP (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti) and IBM aimed at studying the potential impacts and the applications of blockchain technology on the financial industry.
SIA will contribute to the creation of a “white book” intended to develop the analysis of the effects of blockchain. This book will be made available to all players in the financial sector, in the credit and payments field, to identify potential economic opportunities and drive growth towards the use of this new technology.

The CDP and IBM initiative is designed to whet the appetite of industry players, institutions and agencies, to whom it will be presented through meetings and events before the year is up, to the advantage of the market and the sustainable growth of the economic system in our country.

Within the framework of blockchain, SIA has already launched a number of initiatives including SIAchain, a network infrastructure able to support financial institutions, corporates and the public sector in developing and implementing, in a secure and protected manner, innovative blockchain applications based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).