SIAchain Studio

Develop your applications on blockchain quickly and easily by eliminating time-to-market.
SIAchain Studio is a solution, based on the SIAchain technology infrastructure, designed to reduce the overall effort of organizations when creating distributed applications, thus helping development teams overcome the typical challenges that must be faced during the lifecycle of blockchain-based applications.

SIAchain Studio aims at reducing time to market through optimal ease of integration of technological components and a set of clear guiding principles:
  • enabling implementation based on common standards in all projects
  • providing a set of APIs to support development teams so that they can become rapidly productive
  • abstracting the code of specific Blockchain protocols allowing development teams to follow design models common to all platforms

SIAchain Studio makes it possible to develop applications from the concept idea to the execution onto the market.
A powerful tool to minimize the organizational effort during the development of DLT-based use cases:
Ready to use
It frees developers from the need to configure a blockchain network for the development of their MVP.
Time to market
Development of new services, minimizing costs, technological investments and organizational impacts, and accelerating the go-live phase.
Immediate Returns in POC Development on Blockchain applications.
SIAchain studio leverages on a consolidated, resilient and well-built infrastructure such as SIAchain.

Main functionalities:

Smart contract in a second
User deploys the Standard Smart Contracts
in one click, insights the API to send transactions
and reads data in a web experience. No special blockchain coding expertise required.
Token Factory
The SIAchain Studio Token Factory module allows:
  • to build custom smart contracts
  • to understand key elements behind digital asset specifications.
No thick client libraries needed in your app, no complex type mapping. Connect directly from
your core applications.
Real-time Notification
Access all the events your users care about through powerful webhooks to notify them instantly.
SIAchain Studio BrochureDownload (PDF 2.06 MB)