The Movable Collateral Registry On-chain


RegOn is a modern, movable collateral registry that makes it possible to register movable assets (e.g. industrial machinery, goods, raw materials, etc.) as collateral in the form of notices. Thanks to RegOn, lenders will be able to easily verify the creditworthiness of potential debtors, check whether an asset has already been registered (and, therefore, pledged) and resolve conflicts of priority over existing guarantee rights.

Moreover, creditors will be able to register notices directly making them traceable and auditable and thereby reducing the risk of improper tampering.

It has been designed to meet customers' needs, to contribute to the efficiency of the process and with an easy-to-use approach.

RegOn is developed with the support of EIT Digital, a leading European open innovation organisation fostering digital technology innovation and entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and quality of life in Europe.

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SIA RegOn Brochure Download (PDF 269.63 KB)
  • web-based platform designed with an easy to use approach
  • notice-based registry
  • public searches with no restrictions
  • registration of secured interest with a limited role of registrar
  • high levels of security and confidence
  • customizable and adaptable