Smart Integrator Advanced

The platform enables true integration and helps Central Institutions, Banks, Global custodians and Corporates to reducing costs by improving business process automation.

Smart Integrator Advanced provides all the necessary features to implement a complete post trading message integration.

It is a financial messaging orchestration platform that includes data transformation tools and business process management such as business rules engines and activity monitoring.
The multi-network architecture connects a wide range of financial networks and protocols, including SIA-Colt for T2S, SWIFT, RNI.
The network gateways support high throughput and complex message flows, delivering control, transparency and efficiency to organizations.

T2S Integration

Smart integrator Advanced for T2S Access Network facilitates integration with Customer’s Business Applications and T2S Platform, including:

  • integration of DEP protocol
  • business messages validation against T2S rules for ISO 2002
  • business messages translation from “local” implementation to T2S syntax
  • file management based on T2S maximum size rule
  • management of end-to-end information required by T2S
  • T2S Digital signature
  • copy function that automatically duplicates the T2S message to another destination
  • multi-VANSP switch
Technical profile

The Smart Integrator Advanced solution is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and supports loosely coupled service interaction and modular configuration:

  • Smart Integrator Advanced has been designed and optimized to handle extremely high message volumes.
  • Parallel processing - Smart Integrator Advanced is able to send and receive messages using parallel channels that allow a fair distribution of message workflows and therefore high throughput and performance.
  • Integrated communication - Smart Integrator Advanced gives a uniform approach toward all communication channels decoupling network gateways and business operations.