Digital Asset Services

The secure and reliable platform to manage digital assets
SIA’s Digital Asset Services enable banks and other financial institutions to manage any kind of digital asset, such as securities, utility tokens, CBDC and stable coins, etc.

High security standards guarantee the safekeeping of such assets and assure the exclusive use and the keys’ secrecy to the assets’ authorized holder.

Thanks to the constant upgrade to regulatory standards, the solution is compliant to the latest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) requirements.

SIA Digital Asset Services: a zero impact solution
Buying a digital assets custody service from a trusted professional service provider cuts all the complexity and associated costs. It also reduces time-to-market, allowing organisations to focus on digital assets business development. 

The highest security standards and best-in-class solutions
Our architecture leverages the highest security banking standards known to the market. Combining established and proven technology from the traditional banking industry with our knowledge in blockchain and cyber security, SIA created a solution based on the tenets of confidential computing.

A bank-grade solution for digital assets complying with the most stringent regulatory requirements
A solution enabling banks to manage their digital assets based on state-of-the-art technologies and functionalities:
Market-Leading Security
Highest level of security to protect funds from cyber-attacks, internal collusion and human error
Account/ Sub-account
Flexible sub-account and wallet structure providing greatest security and full transparency
Integrated Compliance
Full AML/CFT capabilities, ensuring all-time compliance with regulatory requirements
Bank-grade Workflows
Full segregation of roles and responsibility with no single point of failure
Transaction Policies
Allocated transaction rules across users,
wallets and hierarchical roles
Multi-wallet Infrastructure
Frozen, cold and warm wallets to define the
best configuration for clients’ requirements
Asset Auditability
On-chain segregation of assets allowing for records being independently auditable
Connectivity Interfaces
Full custody and settlement APIs and SWIFT/FIX interface for seamless integrations

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  • 24/7 availability by design
  • User-friendly (Easy to oversee and understand)
  • Full automated delivery pipeline
  • User profiling and clear user role definitions
  • Third parties audit