The access platform for trading in multi-market Fixed Income financial instruments aimed at financial intermediaries.

TODEAL provides all the functionalities to support trading activities whether traders wish to operate automatically or in a manual mode.

The operators can send quotes or orders to the markets and monitor the activities through the display of available market data (eg, best prices, market depth, last trade, ticker...).

The state-of-the-art multi-market solution is developed to satisfy the financial institutions trading needs. TODEAL distinguishes itself for its high performance, flexibility and continuous upgrading capabilities.

It is offered as a product and/or service. 
TODEAL uses modular architecture allowing enhancement and easy configuration meeting the specific needs of each operator.

Its cutting edge client/server technology is designed to deal with the dynamics of multi-platform electronic trading in fast markets by delivering:

  • connectivity to all major exchanges and ECNs
  • proven system reliability and built-in fault tolerance
  • scalable and distributed architecture for global trading
SIA TODEAL - Fixed income trading solutionDownload (PDF 578.6 KB)
TODEAL platform offers the following modules:
  • TODEAL::Gateway
  • TODEAL::Station
  • TODEAL::Quotation System
  • TODEAL::Quant
  • TODEAL::Primary Auction