Tradeimpact, the innovative fully integrated trading platform that offers maximum flexibility, rich functionality and unparalleled embedded reliability features.

Tradeimpact is an innovative fully integrated trading platform offers maximum flexibility, rich functionalities and unparalleled embedded reliability features.

The Tradeimpact electronic trading platform is targeted to the entire financial community:

  • regulated markets that have to improve their trading platforms or automate their open outcry transactions
  • financial institutions that want to create alternative trading systems (ATS), multi-lateral trading facilities (MTFs) or crossing networks
  • brokers/dealers that want to provide their customers with a tool for trading securities outside or alongside the official regulated markets (Electronic Communication Networks or MTFs), Bulletin Boards or Bi-lateral Trading Facilities. The key systems features are openness, scalability, flexibility, platform independence and extreme efficiency in order to safeguard the existing customers’ technology and optimise their assets.

The new generation trading platform Tradeimpact offers several functionalities that support:

  • order matching
  • definition of market rules
  • market governance, surveillance and monitoring
  • dissemination of market information.

Platform flexibility is achieved through the definition of:

  • markets, sections and financial instruments
  • user profiles
  • trading mechanisms - market models and market rules (quote driven, order driven, hybrid, auction, …)
  • trading hours and market phases.
  • openness
  • scalability
  • flexibility
  • platform independence
  • extreme efficiency