Merchant management

SMAC is a solution dedicated to full backend acquiring processing, modular, multicurrency, multilingual, certified PA DSS/PCI with integrated chargeback management system.

SMAC is the SIA Acquiring Solution made up of the following modules: 

  • retailer management
  • transactions
  • commission calculation
  • settlement
  • clearing
  • statements
  • chargeback and Dispute
  • accounting

SMAC can manage all data relating to retailer contracts, receive, validate and record transactions performed at sales outlets, calculate commission payable, handle settlement with International, National and closed loop circuits, produce Statements, prepare payments (credit/debit), support the entire life cycle of Chargebacks and, finally, save the accounting entries of all financial events.

SMAC supports VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners, American Express, Pagobancomat and closed loop circuits. fully implements the unblended mandate (MasterCard bulletin No. 4, April 2009, Visa Member Letter VE 15/09), assimilates Ministry of the Economy and Finance “MEF” Decree 14/02/2014, No. 51 (micropayments) and complies with the VISA Member Letter VE 63/14 (Q1 2015).