Fraud Management

Riskshield is the Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution operated by SIA in partnership with INFORM (trademark owner). Riskshield is based on Fuzzy Logic and operates in real time.

The SIA Fraud Prevention and Management service in the Acquiring domain, on the Infrastructure Solution side is based on the RiskShield Solution supplied by INFORM and operated by SIA, whilst on the operating side it is based on SIA Backoffice structures specialising and focused on the Anti-fraud perimeter.

The RiskShield Solution is fully integrated both with the SIA Authorisation Solution (SACS) and with the Full Backend Acquiring Processing Solution, also by SIA (SMAC).

Riskshield SIAThe RiskShield Solution includes the following components:

RiskShield Server: the Solution’s central component, the decision-making heart active 24/7 that bases its assessments on historic data managed internally and regularly aligned by the satellite systems including, for example, SMAC (data relating to: Company, Sales Outlets, Terminals, fraud indications sent by International Circuits, transactions processed by the BackEnd Acquiring SMAC, Chargebacks received, bintables and exchange rates).

RiskShield Investigator: the module that allows SIA Antifraud experts to manage cases opened by the system, to investigate suspect cases and transactions at risk. Supports the business processes and operating flows necessary for fraud investigation. Offers a web interface for allowing operation from many sites and using different types of workstations. 
Integrated reporting and statistical functions allow operators to monitor fraud and investigate cases opened with great efficiency by using, amongst other things, the possibility of customising operating workflows. Correct assignment of roles and responsibilities is supported by the possibility of profiling every user.

RiskShield Client: the environment available to SIA anti-fraud analysts for developing, maintaining, analysing and optimising the Fraud Prevention system, or for checking its behaviour in detail even down to individual rules. Using the Client, SIA anti-fraud experts configure the decision-making rules, the dynamic accumulation patterns, set up RiskShield to act based on the expectations for every scenario identified. The rules pre-loaded in this way may result in anti-fraud side approval of the request for authorisation, in its rejection or in approval but subject to possible subsequent investigation (and therefore related opening of indication cases).

SIA Acquiring Fraud Prevention Download (PDF 1.06 MB)