Card Management

The Card Management System of SIA suits the needs of multiple clients from individual banks, to Groups to processors to corporate clients. The platform is fully compliant with Visa/MC/AMEX rules.

Innovative, secure card management solution for individual banks, large banking groups, card processors and corporate clients.
SIA supports the issuing of all card types:

  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • prepaid and gift cards
  • combo cards (debit + credit)
  • corporate cards
  • co-branded/affinity cards
  • private label cards.

The platform uses scalable and highly resilient hardware systems capable of supporting small and large portfolios.
SIA proposes an end-to-end solution which includes the following services:

  • Card and cardholder management
  • Personalization and card production services
  • Management of authorizations and transactions
  • PIN generation and management
  • Cardholder portal
  • Settlement with card schemes
  • Statement generation
  • Generation of reports and letters

Management of prepaid cards
By using the powerful and flexible SIA processing platform, issuers will easily be able to add prepaid cards to their existing product portfolio.
The services offered for prepaid cards are the same as those proposed for credit and debit cards. In addition there are functionalities expressly provided for the management of prepaid products:

  • pre-issued cards ready for instant issuing at bank branches or even at department stores
  • card top-up via various channels
  • logical expiration date for pre-issued cards
  • optional reporting
  • management of inventory of pre-issued products
  • economy of scale 
  • leverage on a wide card competence asset
  • state-of-the-art platform: multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-issuer
  • fast time to market with new product deployment
  • single platform for pre-paid / debit / credit / revolving.