Customer Support - Issuing

On top of the IT platform SIA is able to provide the support of a dedicated team with specific skills to perform back office activities.

Every back office service is integrated with the IT components through, for example, file transfers or online access, guaranteeing complete E2E solutions. 

A range of connectivity options is available including phone, email, fax and IVR, with dedicated lines through protected channels, according to the client requirements.

SIA back office provides clients with a reliable and efficient service compliant with National and International Network rules, with the expertise of an International Processor on the market for more than 40 years.

Merchant & Cardholder Management:

  • application form (paper or electronic) management
  • customer data management (merchants and card/account holder)
  • reception and validation of electronic data flow
  • process monitoring and PIN printing, data preparation, card production, account statement production and printing.

Transaction Management:

  • reception electronic flows and paper transaction
  • transactions management and issue management
  • clearing incoming and settlement flows management.

Disputes Management:

  • analysis, verifying, management of disputes according to the Network Scheme requirement
  • special event management (extrachargeback, pre-arbitration, arbitration).

Fraud Management:

  • falcon rules configuration management
  • user profile configuration management
  • rules management
  • analysis of the cases created by the tool in order to understand if the fraud events are to be considered genuine or not
  • contact with the cardholders.

Card Toll–Free Number:

  • cards blocking debit and credit
  • call recording
  • block generation and alignment of the application center
  • check of disputes, call transcript
  • provide information about the block of the cards
  • management of the change of the application center from bank side
  • check of potentially fraudulent operations, contact with the cardholder, check of the operations.