Fraud Management

SIA provides an advance and efficient Fraud prevention service based on the integration of the card management platform with Falcon product from FICO. The Fraud Risk Management facility is fully integrated in real time mode with the card management author

Built on robust service-oriented architecture, Falcon uses advanced analytic techniques that synthesize intelligence drawn from billions of financial transactions to weigh key attributes and identify fraud with the utmost reliability. Falcon provides a single platform for fraud detection with a direct link to the authorization system. A web interface is provided that allows the staff to create rules for fraud detection and monitor the cases triggered by the rules and block suspected cards.

Improved Case Management:
It offers a web-based, user-friendly customisable environment for analysts to investigate referred accounts, providing comprehensive information to create cases. Through the configuration workstation, it is possible to set workflow parameters, define score thresholds and manage reporting information.

Improved Rules Management:
It provides an easy method for defining, testing and deploying rules based on your organisation’s strategy. The solution’s extensive rule writing capabilities give issuers the opportunity to create their own rules and customise the service to meet their unique business requirements.

Hotlist Management:
It enables issuers to create or modify the lists of known compromised cards, risky merchants, postcodes and IP addresses. These lists can be viewed as negative, positive, exemption, high-risk or anti-referral and can be combined with scores and other logic to create complex rules.

European and industry-specific fraud models: leverages localised industry-wide data through consortium models for accelerated delivery.


  • Single platform for card fraud detection: manages fraud related to credit and debit portfolio with a direct link to your authorisation system.
  • Robust neural network with patented cardholder profile: detects more fraud with lower false positives to provide minimal impact on good customers.
  • Real-time rule creation, testing and implementation: boosts analyst productivity and improves effectiveness of fraud operations.
  • Integration with your authorisation system for real-time scoring: identifies fraud sooner to give you more opportunity to reduce losses.
  • Business Objects reports and statistics: quickly creates standard or user-specific reports.
  • Card Alert service: reduces fraud run time and increases the ability to block risky transactions.