Gift Cards

Technological solution for managing all the issuing and acquiring needs of a private label payment network.

SIA provides a technological and organisational solution for managing all issuing and acquiring matters concerning the management of a private label payment network using prepaid cards.

This service enables several distribution chains active in different product sectors to issue, distribute and use various types of prepaid card as payment instruments within the issuer's chain, or in other chains with which bilateral agreements have been reached.

These virtual and/or physical "Giftcards" can be used in bricks&mortar or e-commerce contexts, subject to increasing levels of security and depending on the type of product desired (fixed amount – voucher, draw down, top up, anonymous, registered…).

The solution therefore involves the issue of prepaid cards and their use via traditional payment channels (e.g. POS terminals) or via the activation of innovative channels (e.g. IVR and WEB), in the context of a given private label network.

The cardholder can use the card to pay for goods and services at all acceptance points agreed in the context of the individual initiatives organised with the retailers concerned.