Digital Contents

Top-ups, gift cards and coupons for banks and corporates that wish to build customer loyalty at their touchpoint.

e-Vouchers are prepaid tools for banks and corporates that want to expand and diversify their offering and the opportunities of contact with the end customer through new methods of involvement.

In an increasingly digital world, e-Vouchers (like gift cards, coupons and phone top-ups) represent an important frontier in the mobile payments sector as they allow consumers to buy goods and services in real time with just one click on their devices. e-Vouchers can be integrating with specially developed mobile apps, web portals and POS MultiPay terminals.

In addition, the sale of e-Vouchers in one’s digital shop window makes Customer Relationship Management easier by providing useful data on the profile and purchasing habits of the end customer.

  • Customer loyalty
  • Better customer experience
  • Data analytics, profiling of customers and purchasing habits.