Giro slips

Service that allows the payment of postal giro slips via the ATM and home banking systems of leading banks and chain retailing check-outs.

This Service allows the payment of pre-printed postal giro slips (coded 674 or 896) or blank slips (coded 123) via third-party networks rather than at the branches of Poste Italiane, guaranteeing issue to the end customer of a full receipt equivalent to that received from a post office.

This Service is made possible by an on-line, real-time link between SIApay, the collection channel, and Poste Italiane via the Multi-channel/Multi-service gateway.

In order to perform this function, SIApay uses the gateway infrastructure as an appointed technical intermediary.

As part of these operations, SIApay provides a financial intermediation function by collecting against the postal giro slips and paying over to Poste Italiane the amounts received via the collection network.