Transport Top-ups

Renewal of travel passes issued by local public transport companies.

This service allows renewal of the various kinds of passes issued by the local public transport companies that have adopted the scheme.

The gateway, supported by the financial intermediation provided by SIApay (a SIA Group company), manages collections via the banking channel and provides a consolidated statement to the transport companies.
A travel pass can be purchased the following ways:

  • the user goes to an ATM, selects the Top-up function and requests the Purchase travel pass service
  • the user then selects the transport company and inputs the relevant pass number
  • at this point, the payment network uses the Fastbank interface to send the top-up request to the SIA gateway. The gateway checks the data received, normalises it and sends it to the relevant transport company via a Web Service
  • the transport company reads its databases using the pass code and send information to the gateway about the travel passes available for purchase
  • the gateway normalises the data received and sends it to the payment network, which displays it to the user
  • the user selects the desired travel pass and makes the purchase.