Private networks

Project-based solutions for connecting bank branches.

Project-based solutions for the development of network infrastructure to customer specifications. These solutions meet the challenge of designing, dimensioning and managing public or private networks, often on an international scale, by building on the experience accumulated by SIA in the development and management of major network infrastructure for the banking system.
The solutions comprise the design, implementation, training and maintenance of:

WAN networks: 

  • geographical networks, including international coverage, for connecting bank branches or the sales outlets of corporations
  • consolidation of existing connectivity services.

LAN networks: 

  • fully scalable solutions, from 100M to 100G
  • BYOD-enabled solution
  • flexible architecture
  • non-stop operations with ISSU (In Service Software Upgrade) 
  • specific network designs with high level of functional specialisation.

The customer can request an entirely dedicated infrastructure or select shared configurations on SIAnet's existing infrastructure backbone, thus benefiting from significant cost synergies.


Complete management of the network project: design, implementation, maintenance of

  • multi-carrier and multi-protocol networks 
  • virtual network solutions on multi-carrier infrastructure.

thanks to:

  • design flexibility
  • specific skills and know-how regarding the technologies concerned 
  • network of relations and commercial agreements with the principal international carriers and the sector's best manufacturers of technology 
  • SIA is the sole point of reference for the entire project, from the initial design phase to the provision of maintenance over the years 
  • tailor-made solutions 
  • total mastery of the technological complexity of the customer.