SIAnet Monetics

SIA offers the banking industry and businesses a complete set of solutions created to help optimize the control over corporate expenses and promote savings in business operations.

SIA is the leading provider of network services able to supply, through its SIAnet network, a totally PCI-DSS compliant connectivity solution.

Through a single physical network access domain, it is possible to enable services of:

  • issuing and acquiring
  • merchant acquiring
  • contact centre, back office
  • value-added services (dispute & chargeback Management System, risk management, fraud service, prevention services)
  • e-commerce Solutions
  • POS/ATM terminal management

Thanks to the Monetics physical connectivity service it is also possible to connect to the major international card schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, Maestro and UnionPay International, as well as the domestic Bancomat and PagoBancomat circuits.

  • PCI DSS Certification
  • high service quality with 99.99% SLAs
  • Quality Of Service (QOS): the possibility to set aside a band for "Primary" traffic flows thus protecting them from network congestion.
  • high performances: throughput and network delays are performance parameters of absolute quality in the SIAnet.NG network
  • security: the security of communications is guaranteed by MPLS technology and by the most advanced cryptography solutions
  • rapid and easy access
  • network business continuity
  • competitive pricing
  • network management and control (NOC) for proactive identification of possible problems
  • a single customer care point of contact active 24/365
  • progress status of customers' requests thanks to the Trouble-Ticketing systems adopted.