SWIFT Connectivity Management

The SWIFT Connectivity Management (SCM) service consists of logical network access between the premises of SIAnet customers and the SWIFT IP network.

Outsourcing connectivity is more simple and advantageous than having to manage the access autonomously, freeing up internal resources, reducing costs and operative complexity and benefiting from SIA’s ten-plus years’ experience in supplying and managing professional connectivity and consulting services within the SWIFT framework.

The SWIFT Connectivity Management (SCM) service consists of logical network access between the premises of SIAnet customers and the SWIFT IP network.

The SCM Service is suited to any financial institution (such as retail banks, central banks, brokers/dealers, CSDs, Trading Venues, investment managers) and companies that need to access the SWIFTNet network for messaging services.

The SCM solutions: 
SIA offers two versions of access to the SWIFTNet network, based on the customer’s specific traffic and business requirements:

  • Alliance Connect GOLD
  • Alliance Connect SILVER 

The Alliance Connect GOLD solution is based on two dedicated lines: the circuits of two distinct carriers, for both the primary channel and the back-up channel, having the same transmission band capacity.

Access to the SWIFTNet network is achieved through two virtual encrypted channels, configured on the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) present. This solution is suited to organizations whose daily transaction volumes exceed 40,000 messages and for whom the reliability and automatic restoration mechanisms are factors of primary importance.
The Alliance Connect Silver solution is based on one dedicated line as the primary channel and uses the public Internet network as the back-up channel.
For this solution, SIA provides the customer with the connection, the network configuration necessary for the primary access based on a dedicated line and the encryption of the channel. For the back-up channel, it is up to the Customer to check, connect and configure the SWIFT VPNboxs directly to the public Internet network.
This solution is recommended to all organizations with daily transaction volumes ranging from 1,000 to 40,000 messages; the line reliability and back ups foresee the use of Internet resources already existing on the Customer’s premises. 

Collaboration between SIA and SWIFT
For over 30 years a technology partner of the Italian and international banking and financial system, SIA holds a prime position on the pathway of harmonization of the European payments market.
SIA has been collaborating with SWIFT since the 1990s, initially supporting SWIFT X.25 connectivity and the hosting of "SWIFT PoP", and later becoming a point of reference in the migration to the IP protocol “FRAME RELAY” and in the “multi-vendor network” approach in the 2000s.

The close relationship between SIA and 2 of the 4 network technology partners enabled by SWIFT for access to the SWIFTNet network is offering benefits to countless customers in Europe in terms of security, scalability, high reliability and redundancy thanks to “dual-sourcing”.