System networks

Project-based solutions for domestic interbank networks.

Project-based solutions for the development of network infrastructure for communities of users. 

There is a growing need to create closed groups of users, for the sharing and exchange of data flows in a secure and protected manner, as public networks do not offer sufficient confidentiality and data protection guarantees. 

SIA's super partes approach assures the community of neutrality and the ability to coordinate the activities of users with different nationalities, assisting the governance body to ensure the effective and efficient management of the community's data flows

Backed by the international experience accumulated in the implementation of complex connectivity solutions for the financial system, SIA makes its project management and systems integration skills available to communities. 

Services cover the entire life cycle of the solution, from the initial needs analysis to the provision of maintenance over the years. 

  • super partes approach
  • neutrality of management
  • privacy
  • multi-carrier and multi-protocol networks 
  • design flexibility
  • tailor-made solutions 
  • specific skills and know-how regarding the technologies concerned 
  • network of relations and commercial agreements with the principal international carriers and the sector's best manufacturers of technology 
  • SIA is the sole point of reference for the entire project, from the initial design phase to the provision of maintenance over the years