Transaction Collection Service

Outsourcing service for the management of POS traffic.

The SIA Transaction Collection Service is an outsourcing service provided by SIA for collecting, concentrating and delivering the transactional traffic generated by POS terminals.

The purpose of the service is to guarantee, from a network standpoint, all aspects of transporting the transaction from the POS terminal to the Terminal Front-End system and/or the Acquirer, regardless of the connectivity technology used by the POS terminal or its geographical location.

The TCS platform manages the transactional traffic generated by POS terminals, regardless of the telecommunications technology used.

The traffic is then concentrated in the SIA network and transported to the customer's POS management system.

The service is managed entirely by SIA and meets PCI-DSS compliance requirements.


Transaction Collection ServiceDownload (PDF 1.63 MB)
  • cost saving: just one supplier for the collection of traffic from all channels, with transfer to SIA of the management costs, the investment in technological improvements and the investment in infrastructure
  • experience: the SIA group has been Italian leader in the collection of POS traffic for more than 10 years
  • complete management of fault-tolerant solution
  • global mobility assured by the GPRS multi-roaming collection service
  • high reliability: maximum reliability guaranteed by SIANet, our proprietary network, with high contracted service levels
  • modular and scalable services offered
  • help desk 24/7