SIA EasyShop

Thanks to the SIA network technology the store is always online

A complete and highly reliable suite of fixed/mobile telephone services, internet access and complementary Wi-Fi, so that the store is always able to make electronic payments.

The service also includes a suite of tools for:

  • analysing the in-store behaviour of customers
  • applying one-to-one marketing strategies for the enhancement of customer loyalty
  • a virtual shopfront available via the geolocalisation App.

EasyShop is able to provide the most extensive package of integrated solutions for Shop 2.0 available on the market.

Advantages for merchants:
  • redundant telephone and Internet services monitored by SIA personnel
  • complementary Wi-Fi facilitates interaction with customers
  • people engagement services to enhance customer loyalty and increase business
  • information about customer behaviour, both in-store and outside
  • extended on-line shopfront.