ISV Program

Programme that enables third-party software to access the SIAnet network.

SIAnet's ISV Program facilitates the SIAnet integration of applications developed by Independent Software Vendors (ISV).

This is not a simple certification process, but a programme designed to establish strategic partnerships that make multi-network solutions available to the European financial community, thus reducing operational risk and overcoming the network single point of failure.

Cooperation with SIA guarantees the ISV's customers easy integration with SIAnet's secure messaging services, which include access to the EBA RT1, EBA STEP2, RNI and T2S.

In particular, SIAnet allows customers to benefit from the intraday channel switching functionality introduced by the EBA for the STEP2 platform.

Banks, leveraging om SIA's verified Software Vendor Partner Applcation, have direct access to the RT1 community adopting SIAnet.


SIA allows the developers of network access solutions to join a programme for the activation and certification of their products on the SIA network.