Access to EBA STEP2

SIAnet is a secure messaging solution for the Application to Application (A2A) exchange of data that provides access to SEPA STEP2.

SIA makes a secure managed messaging service available to participants in the STEP2 platform, designed to meet the specific security, reliability and confidentiality requirements of the European financial community.

SIAnet is a secure messaging solution for the Application to Application (A2A) exchange of data that provides access to SEPA STEP2 with:

  • an end-to-end service with an SLA that provides broad coverage
  • a highly secure and reliable network that links banks to STEP2 via POPs in Milan, London, Frankfurt and Budapest
  • a peer-to-peer architecture that guarantees privacy compliance
  • a “one-stop shop” approach to reduce the TCO of participants
  • a service model that minimises the operational risk inherent in the transmission of a large volume of messages
  • non-stop network availability, h24xd365

SIAnet also enables users to benefit from the Intraday Channel Switching functionality of EBA STEP2, which allows the simultaneous use of two separate networks. This is advantageous for the management of peak traffic, but primarily reduces operational risk by eliminating the network single point of failure.

Access to SEPA via SIAnet is available in two ways:

  • Direct member: financial institutions and technical facilitators that must connect their payment systems directly to the EBA STEP2 platform
  • Indirect member: financial institutions that use the technological infrastructure of a direct member

At present, the following collection and payment instruments are processed using SIAnet:

  • SEPA instruments - SCT - SEPA Credit Transfer, SDD - SEPA Direct Debit
  • 'SEPA eligible' instruments - old Italian standards Credit Transfer, old Italian standards Direct Debit, EBA-STEP2 XCT

SIAnet makes available experience and resources to offer a complete range of value-added functionality that satisfies all Pe-ACH requirements, representing a high-level value proposition that includes:

  • an end-to-end technical solution based on ownership of all the components and a scope of service and responsibility that encompasses the design, supply, monitoring, management and capacity of the entire service
  • total privacy compliance deriving from both the peer-to-peer architecture used and the attention paid to the confidentiality of data. In particular, SIAnet has been designed to prevent access to the data by the NSP or the central data warehouse