Access to the Rete Nazionale Interbancaria (RNI)

SIA is Network Service Provider of the RNI

SIA, with its SIAnet, is Network Service Provider of the Rete Nazionale Interbancaria (RNI – national interbank network) on which SITRAD (Sistema Interbancario di Reti per Trasmissione Dati – interbank data transmission network system) is based. SITRAD is the system enabling electronic transmission of data and information flows related to execution of banking and financial operations on an international scale.

SIAnet, through the RNI, links together the EDP centers of Banca d'Italia, the banks, Ente Poste, the consortia, the application centers, and the brokers (in Italian SIMs), plus post-trading services and operators on international markets.
The RNI protocol is also an international standard adopted by European banks for the secure exchange of financial data.

Data transmission occurs through the Messaging Services Suite which manages communication between the participants in the system via messaging services in a B2B logic.

SIA ensures the transfer of interbank transaction and information flows, guaranteeing reliability in the execution, security and confidentiality of data. 


As part of the RNI, SIAnet links together the DP centres of the Bank of Italy, banks, Poste Italiane, consortiums, Applications Centres, SIMs and domestic market operators, regardless of the hardware and software used. This safeguards the investment already made by them and the related technological independence, while also providing access to the principal ancillary interbank services, such as the Bank of Italy's Central Risks database and the electronic system for the administrative prevention of payment card fraud.