SIA-Colt for ESMIG

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ESMIG Connectivity Services Agreements - Q&A
SIA-Colt is the only provider offering a network solution for accessing ESMIG with guaranteed end-to-end service levels.

Since 2012 SIA, in collaboration with Colt, has been the provider of Eurosystem infrastructure access services and boasts a solid track record in delivering mission critical services to the European financial community. Today SIA is an Instant Payments service provider for both ECB (TIPS) and EBACL (RT1) with a solution designed to provide an end-to-end service level without exceptions or limitations.
The SIA-Colt connectivity services allow central and commercial banks, CSDs, ACHs, custodians and other PSPs to connect via a single access interface (ESMIG) to Eurosystem Market Infrastructures:

  • Target2 - for settlement of large-value payments
  • Target2 Securities - the securities settlement platform
  • TIPS - the instant payments settlement service
  • Eurosystem Collateral Management System (ECMS)
  • future services the Eurosystem may introduce.
Peace of mind
  • the service includes all hardware, software, connectivity and monitoring components, entirely installed and managed by SIA-Colt, thus minimizing customer activities
  • ease of integration on the customer side
  • 24ever customer support for proactive and unified resolution of incidents
  • possibility for the customer to monitor traffic, status of activities and any alerts detected by the SIA-Colt systems with related reporting, also to support verification of SLAs
  • end-to-end SLAs in full compliance with the requirements of the ESMIG license
Security by design
  • cybersecurity addressed in the design of the solution and managed centrally
  • system resilience thanks to solutions operating in active-active and fault tolerant configurations
  • security functions incorporated in the network gateway able to offer confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data with no performance degradation
  • 24/7 operation and maintenance of the gateways without the need for service interruption
Transparent total cost of ownership
  • clear and transparent pricing, including all the components necessary for the service
  • no need for customer to provide staff for installation, monitoring and control activities
  • no need for specific training / updating of customer staff
SIA value added services
SIA completes the offering by providing the customer with a wide range of application modules: from transaction processing to the entire management of individual business processes.

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