SIA EasyWay for Instant Payments

Full value-chain, end to end solution for PSPs

Instant Payments are driving the most significant change in the global payments landscape and lay the foundation for tomorrow's digital payment products.

In the short term, in order to minimize the impact of the integration with PSPs legacy systems, Financial Institutions can rely on a industry-leading expertise to provide a secure and high performing IP solution without the need to implement one in-house.

SIA solution is the answer for the PSPs to facilitate the on boarding of customers, with a full value-chain coverage proposition: channels, IP business processing and CSM connectivity. 
SIA offers a solution as a service able to shorten IP project setup time and delivery for a rapid go to market and to lower the risks and investments. This “ready” solution supports the new SCTinst EBA scheme based on the European Payment Council rulebook.

It is open to all PSP channels, guarantees 24/7 availability and offers a Core solution with additional VAS pluggable modules.

Channel Management Normalization & Transformation Fraud Detection & Prevention
Order Collection Authorization Embargo Checks
Data Validation & Enrichment Lock/Unlock & Debit/Credit Funds Mirror Accounts
Bulking & Debulking Routing e2e Investigation & Tracking
Payment Schemas On-Us Dashboard
Workflow Management Accounting Payment Reconciliation
    Business Intelligence & Analytics
    Liquidity Management Embargo Checks


  • Payments skills and knowledge: leveraging SIA’s unique role and value proposition
  • Business Coverage: E2E comprehensive business process coverage with Value Added Services
  • Pay-per-Use Model: reduced up-front investments, predictable costs that scale with business
  • Go-to-Market effectiveness: front runner service provider reducing time and cost barriers to IP on-boarding
  • Easy, Extensible Integration: modular, configurable solution, open API based
  • End-to-End Performance: the fastest possible connection between Bank and CSM
  • Compliance & Scalability: guaranteed adoption of new regulations and able to scale quickly, with businesses growth
  • SIA Cloud Based: secure, fast, reliable, always up & up-to-date