ABI-CAB-BIC and APIBA (Archivio Piazze Bancarie – bank venue archive)

The national ABI-CAB-BIC database is the official archive of the Italian banking community for the provision of the IBAN/BIC derivation service.

Following the creation of the Single European Payments Area and the related BIC codes which identify each bank, it was necessary to transform the ABI-CAB code into a BIC code.

The CAB service was then developed further and it became the ABI-CAB-BIC national database used as an IBAN/BIC derivation tool for the Italian coordinates.

The System Archive provides an official database within which the national post office/banking system may give the details a value according to specific requirements, for example, keeping banks involved in mergers and the routing of transactions to a specific branch (the so-called Capobic).

The service includes:

  • the updating of the centralized archive following attribution, variation, or cancellation of one or more CABs and the re-attribution of those already assigned in case of bank concentrations, mergers and sale of branches;
  • the distribution of information to the subscribers;
  • the exchange of information provides for the use of the RNI - National Interbank Network. Alternatively, some services also permit the use of traditional means (paper forms).

In order to guarantee accessibility, both the content and the updates fall under the responsibility of the notifying PSPs (Payment Service Providers), which must ensure consistency between the ABI-CAB-BIC national database and the routing tables of the CSM (Clearing and Settlement Mechanism), and vice versa.

With the aim of ensuring access to the service to subscribers not connected to the RNI - National Interbank Network (e.g. foreign banks, companies, etc.), a web interface has been provided for the consultation of data, information in the archives and detailed requests for information present on the National ABI-CAB-BIC database.

The APIBA component consists of the management of the data concerning the bank branches and the related locations served which permit banks to carry out collection services on behalf of customers. 

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