Open Banking Platform

PSD2: business opportunities beyond compliance

The Open Banking Platform solution is a modular platform for integrating different application layers that meets the compliance requirements of PSD2 and enables the development of new services. In particular, the service dedicated to compliance aspects is composed of the following main components: 

  • Front-end module that expose the public APIs of the regulated services to the TPP;
  • Developer portal for TPPs.

The front-end module consists of an API Manager that:

  • exposes the APIs to the TPPs according to the NextGenPSD2 standard of the Berlin Group (in version 1.3);
  • interfaces the TPP management component, which guarantees access to the services exposed by ASPSP only to subjects that have a valid eiDAS certificate, consistent with the requested services;
  • interfaces the core internal services of each member.

The platform provides a TPP portal for each member in which there are available the detailed specifications of the exposed API and specific sandboxes, test environments dedicated to ASPSP, where the exposed functionalities can be tested. In particular, each sandbox:

  • is an exclusive environment dedicated to ASPSP and made available to the TPP through a portal;
  • is configurable with dedicated coding functionality;
  • provides the service documentation and also:
    • Swagger of the exposed API;
    • Detailed documentation with the options supported by the ASPSP;
    • Detailed test catalog
PSD2 compliance SIA platform participants Download (PDF 190.27 KB)

If you are a TPP interested in the service, you can access the portals of the banks participating in the SIA platform and:

  • Consult the public documentation;
  • Register for the service by accessing the detailed documentation;
  • Download the test cases and the "swagger" file of the exposed APIs.

Here above you can download the list of banks participating in the platform with the URL of each TPP portal.